Upcoming LCA Career Exploration Summits

Lights!Camera!Access Career Exploration Summits are coming to:

New York - April 1, 2020 sponsored by Kessler Foundation; hosted by ReelAbilities Film Festival

San Diego - for Veterans w/ disabilities June 7, 2020; hosted by Options for All and San Diego State University’s Interwork Institute.

and Baltimore, Boston, Hollywood, Sacramento and Seattle LCA summits coming this Fall!

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The Disability Collection

People with disabilities make up about 20% of the population, but are featured in less than 2% of the images in the media. The images we see are far from real, and far from enough. Let’s change that.

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It's all about balance –

How can you fortify your company with the disability market segment to be an employer and brand of choice? EIN SOF’s Disability Community Market Research Initiative has benefitted AT&T, Apple, Bank of America, McDonald’s, Motorola, Spectrum, Universal Home Entertainment and Verizon Media to fortify and balance disability-inclusive diversity results.

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EIN SOF Communications: Full-Service Marketing

Tari Hartman Squire’s EIN SOF Communications is a full-service marketing firm and employment consultation specializing in disability-inclusive diversity and public policy. Campaign hallmarks include strategic marketing, branding, focus groups, crisis communications, and accessible events. We support government and private sector entities with employment consultation from recruiting to career advancement, and guide corporate clients to tap the $220 billion, brand-loyal market segment that represents 56 million Americans with disabilities, family, friends and allies. We mean disability-inclusive diversity business 25/7.

The Sessions poster

EIN SOF Teams Up With Fox Searchlight on "The Sesssions"

The Sessions received critical acclaim, and garnered mainstream and disability awards and nominations. The film was embraced by the disability community, received glowing reviews by thought leaders, and raised national dialogue on disability and sexuality, intimacy, emergency preparedness and community-based independent living, plus, hiring and firing one’s own personal care attendant.

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Creative marketing, PR, and inclusive advertising for diverse organizations.


See how EIN SOF has helped AT&T for the last 17 years

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Learn about our disability awareness campaign for Lives Worth Living

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Discover our partnership with the National Council on Disability

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See how we partnered with Mattel and Toys “R” Us

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